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Therefore, it is impossible to eat ethyl alcohol alone (not to mention the absence of proteins, fats, vitamins, and mineral elements in it). Persons with chronic alcohol dependence. And a clear confirmation of the misconception regarding the high calorie content of herpes pills beverages is the third category of drug addicts - chronic alcoholics. They are almost never obese, but rather underweight. If a healthy person who rarely drinks alcohol drinks alcohol, his appetite increases and the area in the brain responsible for satiety is disinhibited. That is, you want to eat more, but the feeling of fullness comes more slowly. Therefore, drug addicted drunks are exhausted. They rarely even think about a snack; the main thing is drinking.

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Diagnosis is carried out by collecting data on the patient’s behavior, examining his physical condition, and taking general tests (including the content of alcohol and its breakdown products). Healing is impossible without psychotherapy sessions. We need the help of relatives and friends to buy Antiviral medication the drug addict to stop exhausting himself with alcohol. Psychotherapy sessions for the treatment of alcoholic anorexia.

Symptoms accompanying the disease and diagnostic methods. What effects does drankorexia have on the body? Following an alcohol diet to lose weight leads to a variety of health problems, some of which may be irreversible. Drankorexia, a serious eating disorder, primarily affects young people who are concerned about their supposed obesity, who do not want to give up consuming alcoholic beverages for fun, and come to a decision. do not eat. Drankorexia is also known as alcorexia or ebriorexia, although these names are less well known, drankorexia is an informal term that comes from the English word drunk (drunk or inebriated) and from the Greek suffix -orexia (attraction). With the onset of weekends, vacations or holidays, young people go out and drink alcoholic beverages, using this opportunity as a form of entertainment. At this moment, some of them (mainly girls) begin to worry about how they look and the consequences that alcohol leaves on their figure. The dilemma that then confronts them. Am I quitting drinking? or. Am I drinking even though I'm getting fat?

Due to the unconsciousness and stupidity of age, young people come to worse decisions. neither one nor the other, it is better to stop eating in order to continue drinking. This seems to be very rare, unless you consider another example. Of course, everyone has heard that someone would prefer to eat very little in order to afford their favorite dessert. Same meaning, although much more disturbingy. in this case, the fact that in this case the choice falls not on food, but on alcohol. According to experts, in the case of Antiviral Pills, the consequences are more severe than with anorexia, since we are talking about excessive alcohol consumption by a person who is practically exhausted and this is accompanied by negative consequences. Almost a person switches to an alcoholic diet.

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As a study published by the medical journal Lancet last November shows, alcohol is a more addictive substance and more harmful than heroin and crack cocaine when it comes to the harm it causes to users and the people around them. The study authors emphasized that alcohol, in addition to being the most harmful drug in the general sense, is almost three times more harmful than cocaine and tobacco. Alcoholic drinks are a source of empty calories, which means that they do not contain elements beneficial to the body (vitamins and minerals). Regarding their nutritional value, one gram of alcohol brings 7.1 calories to the body, more than one gram of sugar (4 calories), one can of beer (350 ml) brings 110 calories to the body, a glass of wine 80 and a mixture of any drink with alcohol exceeds 200 cal.

In addition, alcohol consumption greatly affects health conditions. The World Health Organization warns of the importance of health problems associated with alcohol consumption. in a short period of time, it interferes with the processes of nutrient absorption, causing a decrease in appetite, which worsens behavior during draconexia. Excessive and regular use is closely related to development. obesity, high blood pressure, high levels of triglycerides in the blood, liver disease, pancreatitis, gastritis, stomach and esophageal cancer, and the risk of getting into an accident.

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These effects affect women more, as they metabolize alcohol faster and their vital organs are affected more quickly, especially with cardiopathy. Therefore, it is best to drink alcohol only occasionally and with control (total control of the food consumed) or not to buy herpes pills at all. Treatment of drankorexia should be supervised by a psychologist (to treat disorders, secondary mental problems), a nutritionist to restore the lost nutritional balance, and the attending physician.


His family, his environment, his personal circle of how are antiviral drugs made are another pillar of treatment, since it depends largely on them to make the patient or affected person understand that beauty is not based on the thinness of a person. Strengthening the patient's self-esteem is also essential for him to understand that he has other tools in his soul that will make him attractive and interesting in front of others without having to drink alcohol or stop eating to do so.